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That’s why we put our paws together to create a trusted blog for animal lovers, just like yourself.

About the Owner

Hi, I’m Melissa O’Bryan, creator of the Everyday Pets Blog and like yourself, I am a pet parent too.  My sweet feline friend, “Romy”, wandered upon my deck one day a few years back.  She was pregnant and desperately needed some TLC.  Long story short…after finding homes for her 5 kittens, we decided to stick together.

My Background

I have worked in the pet industry since 2001 when I discovered a line of all-natural pet foods, treats, and supplements with Life’s Abundance.  Life’s Abundance is based in Jupiter, Florida, where they formulate products, process orders, and drop-ship to my customers on monthly auto-ship.  Although this has been a passive business, the re-orders automatically happen every month and my team sold over $1,000,000 in products in 2017.

I created the Everyday Pets community so that I can share great products like Life’s Abundance with pet owners looking for alternatives to store-bought supplies.  I also want to present you with fun, educational, insightful, and endearing information to deepen your bond with your pets and connect you with animal lovers around the world.

Everyday Pets’ Promise

We guarantee to share Everyday Pet “stuff” you not only enjoy, but can trust!

Our content is thoroughly vetted to make sure all tips, tricks, recipes, healthy product suggestions and pet-related advice are safe for your family and your pet(s).

What We Provide

Take a look at our most popular content categories, and you’ll quickly get a feel for what we’re all about:

Cat and Dog Training Tips
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Cherish-able Charities for Pets

We hope both you and your pets “dig” Everyday Pets and take part in building a great Pet Community with us!

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