4 Reasons to Microchip Your Cat

By:- Everyday PETS
April 21, 2020
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Microchipping your cat may be something you’ve considered but have never taken action on. After all, you’re an everyday person with an everyday pet, and you probably haven’t had the time to sit down and sort through the pros and cons of why you should get your kitty a high-tech version of a collar and tag.  

Cats do like to explore. And this is especially true if your feline friend is accustomed to spending the majority of his/her time outdoors. That’s one risk.

And you also probably like to roam yourself! There nothing like a trip to see the family with your cat in tow! Traveling can also increase the likelihood of finding your precious feline missing. That’s another risk.

Since we are your one-stop shop for pet information, we’re going to give you 4 reasons to microchip your cat and put your mind at ease.

Microchipping helps you find your wandering kitty.

If your cat goes on an new adventure (without telling you first), microchipping significantly increases the chances of bringing him or her back safe and sound. In fact, if you microchip your cat, you are 20 times more likely to find your kitty again.

Of course, microchipping does neither you or Mr. Fluffy any good if you don’t keep your contact info updated.  

Microchipping can prevent the accidental adoption of your cat.

There’s a reason you fell in love with your beloved feline…and there’s a chance someone else may do the same if they think your kitty is a stray. Don’t let this happen to you.  

Microchipping your cat can potentially prevent someone else from adopting your beloved feline. Your cat may look like he’s up for grabs, but when that that little chip is scanned, a prospective adopter will learn he belongs to you!

Microchipping can save your cat’s life.

Microchipping may just save your pet’s life. No, that chip won’t surround your kitty with an electric aura of protection, but it may keep your pet safe from a sad reality…

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, for every 10 cats that enter shelters, 4 of them are lost to euthanization.

This is a sad statistic, because it’s totally avoidable. While microchipping isn’t an automatic guarantee for your cat’s safety, it can help a shelter know your beloved kitty has a loving, safe home before she becomes part of that statistic.

Microchipping is better than a collar.  

Collars and tags can be lost…all it takes is a loose collar, and your cat has parted with his only form of identification. The beauty of microchipping is that it cannot be so easily removed.

When your cat is microchipped, the small device is inserted between your kitty’s shoulder blades. No amount of twitching of the shoulders is going to remove that form of identification. It’s with your cat through her every adventure!

If you do microchip your pet, just make sure you register your microchip so that others can find your contact information. There’s a number of microchip registries, so you may want to enroll in as many as possible. Here’s a few to get you started:

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