5 Safety Commands Your Dog Should Know

By:- Everyday PETS
May 21, 2020
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Drop it.


These words may conjure up warm memories. You may recall those childhood days when you had fun teaching your best friend some basic commands and watching him get excited as you rewarded him with a treat.

Teaching your dog simple commands is more than an exercise in dog-owner relationship building. And it’s not just about training a well-behaved dog or testing your canine’s IQ.

Ensuring your dog understands certain commands may one day protect your beloved pup from danger. Whether it’s averting a dogfight or preventing your pet from poisoning, here are 5 safety commands your dog should know.


It’s a simple command, right? But it’s one our pets like the least.

When your terrier is digging down a rodent hole or your lab is socializing with some fellow canines, you may find that the come command causes temporary deafness in your dog.

But this command is essential if you want to protect your pet.

If you must always rely on a leash to keep your dog in proximity, you lessen your ability to keep him or her safe. All it takes is for that collar to slip off, and you’ll have no control over your pup as she darts in and out of a busy street.


The down command is another essential your dog needs to master.

Telling your dog “down” can keep a curious pup from unseen hazards. Picture this scenario: You’ve just cooked a gourmet meal and hastily set your plate on the top-most shelf of that flimsy (but fashionable) kitchen rack.

Enter Fido the foodie. He stands up on his hind legs. He’s one leap away from grabbing a snack by placing his paws on that shelf. But you avert your dog’s concussion by calling out “Down!”

Because you’ve trained your dog to be obedient, you can keep him from dangers he can’t anticipate (or from ruining dinner!).


5 Safety Commands Your Dog Should Know2

The stay injunction is another one of the must-know safety commands for your dog. This command is essential if you sometimes must leave your dog in an area of your house or yard but don’t want her roaming around.

The Humane Society  suggests encouraging your dog to follow this command by offering “life-rewards.” In other words, you can reward your dog when he listens to your command by allowing him the freedom to roam after he obeys.

Drop It  

This is one command that can definitely save your dog’s life. Unfortunately, our furry pals sometimes resemble anteaters more than they resemble canines. Anything left on the floor is sucked up immediately.   

If you teach your dog the drop it command, you can preempt him from eating something unhealthy or even poisonous. If you love chocolate (and are a klutz), make sure you train your dog to understand these words.


It wouldn’t seem that “Quiet” would be a command that can keep your dog safe. But appearances can be deceiving. Dog barking may seem benign, but take that behavior and put some aggressive dogs in the picture, and you have a recipe for disaster.

If you’re out in the park, this command can keep your dog from provoking other dogs who aren’t as well-behaved, or as well-controlled as your dog. When you tell your dog “Quiet!”, you prevent him from provoking a dogfight.

Most importantly, have fun while training your pooch.  They’ll appreciate the positive vibes.

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