Bringing Home New Puppy

By:- Everyday PETS
September 1, 2021
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Puppies have so much to learn, try to be patient and consistent in teaching.

Communication works fast when everyone commits to the same language, sit down with the family, and use the same list of words that everybody will use, for example, use up, down this will help your puppy and also everybody else involved in raising a puppy, such as dog walkers and pet sitters.

Go and buy your puppy items before you bring home your puppy, so you can more focus on your new family member. Puppy necessities include; bowls for food and water, crib, chew toys, brush, bed, collar, id tags, bio deodorizer spray, and premium food.

As the breeder rescue who assisted you in the adoption of a puppy about your puppy’s diet and feeding schedule. Be sure to store household chemicals, plants, and breakable items away from the puppy’s designated area. Set up the crib in a quiet area, tape down electrical. Always remember to give rewards for good behavior.

Puppies are usually brought home for about 8 weeks make sure to take the puppy out regularly, schedule a veterinary exam within few days after bringing the puppy home for checkup and vaccination, don’t forget to bring the puppy’s document. Wish you and your puppy many fabulous healthy years together..

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