Canine Rehabilitation

By:- Everyday PETS
February 7, 2020
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Thanks to improved diets and more comfortable lifestyles, dogs are living longer lives than previous generations. Another aspect of the longevity puzzle is the breakthrough in advanced veterinary care. Treatments used exclusively for people have now become staples for the care of companion animals. This episode of Pet Talk reveals one of these areas of specialty: canine rehabilitation therapy.

It’s likely that many of you reading this will someday need to take your dog to the vet’s office for rehabilitation. In this episode, our Staff Veterinarian Dr. Sarah Wooten explores this amazing new field, which is making a profoundly positive difference in the lives of countless companion animals. You’ll see firsthand the variety of therapeutic options that are becoming more widely available.

These exercises target specific areas, usually where an injury has been sustained, and can do much more than just repair damaged tissue. Rehab has been shown to actually speed up the healing process, while at the same time reducing pain levels.

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