Clever Ideas on How to Make DIY Cat Toys

By:- Everyday PETS
December 1, 2020
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Here is a video on how to make DIY cat toys.

Cats have remarkable brains that need to be challenged, stimulated and exercise. If cats are for mental fitness, they are at risk for poor disorders, obesity, and other  stress-related disorders. Playing games can help your feline develops acuity making them healthier mentally and physically.

Who among us hasn’t started munching on a bag of chips to suddenly and unexpectedly find the bag empty? Just like us guilty humans, cats will often overeat due to boredom or stress. In this month’s episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah provides fun and simple ways to tap into your cat’s innate problem-solving skills while helping avoid the behavioral and physical consequences of sedentary living.

These DIY toys will both keep kitty’s body busy and let her use her predatory instincts to exercise her brain. So, get ready to dig into your recycling bin and replace some of those feline snack habits with fun and games!

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