How to Help a Fearful or Aggressive Dog

By:- Everyday PETS
January 21, 2020
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This shows the two training techniques for basically all reactive behaviors in dogs. Desensitization is  a part of  the process by changing the dog’s behavior, where the dog slowly learns to not react emotionally to something whether it’s a person, place or thing.

During training your pet knows what’s going on, but you are changing his or her emotional response. Counter conditioning works with combination with desensitization by teaching the dog to trade fear and aggression for more acceptable response behavior.

For example; instead of charging the door when unexpected house guest ring the doorbell your  dog goes to his bed to wait for his treats. Training works fast when dog is hungry, and when the food is new and super tasty like life’s abundance tasty rewards training treat. An interest dog will often refuse treats.

Dogs are really good in telling you when they are uncomfortable, they stands up, they yawn.

On trimming the dog’s nail it is very important that the dog is calm and hungry. For nail trimming it’s ideal to have two people one defeats  treats and one to clip nails. For some dogs,even the sight of clippers can cause anxiety,so start by showing the clippers and feeding treats continuously,once your dog response calmly to the side of the clippers move the hand to the other side. If the dog remains calm then the next session proceeds with clipping again,  as long as the dog is calm and feds treats continuously.

Even if you don’t clip your dog’s at home doing this can help relax the dog’s at the groomer’s, try sending your dog at the groomer with the tasty treats and instruct the groomer to give many treats .

It is very important to set realistic goals for improvement and to be patient the work should progress slowly, the dog will learn to respond calmly. If you feel you’re in over your head always consult with the trainer or behaviors trained and positive methods. If your dog reacts aggressively to something it is best to feed your dog with the muscle basket, basket muscle look intimidating but very comfortable and allow the dog to drink and eat and keep everyone safe.

There are five take-aways  from this training;  pet needs to be hungry,your pet needs to be not stress before and after training,use very high value treats,go slow, and keep your dog not engage to entire time with treats.