Pet Pads: 3 Creative and Affordable Ideas to Make the Most of a Small Space

By:- Everyday PETS
November 21, 2020
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Sharing a home with your furry friend means sharing space that you might not always have much of… but creating the perfect space for your pet does not have to mean giving up your sense of style or even all that much space. From quirky pet beds to DIY pet galleries, you’ll love these 3 creative do-it-yourself ideas that provide your pet with his own pad that blends perfectly with your home’s stylish ambiance…

Hit the Road Jack… Russel Terrier


Hit the Road Jack… Russel Terrier

How cute are these DIY luggage pet beds? Chic and super imaginative, these suitcase-born brainchildren are simple to make at home and a whole lot of fun to customize. You can find the directions here and for a little inspiration… this version is even cuter. Simply add the frames to your already-crafted luggage bed for a truly unique space for your furry friend.

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I’ve Been Framed

Gallery walls add instant interest without breaking the bank and they can be used to make your dog’s space look like its own little special area… even if you live in a tiny apartment and must share space – it works. Use chalk paint to breathe new life into old salvaged frames in all sizes, shapes and designs. Be creative and think outside the box by filling frames with photos of pets in Indie style, 3D items and dog-themed words. Then, place them behind your pet’s bed to make any old corner look like HIS corner.

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Cat-Nap by the Boob-Tube

Still hanging on to that vintage television? Want a swanky place for your pet to sleep? Meet the television pet bed, a clever blend of form and function. What is so great about this idea is that it not only provides your pet with a place to catch Zzz’s but it can also double as a stylish side table. Win/win. This blogger shows you how to break it down and get this TV party started.  If you wanted an extra space to house random pet products, you could hollow out of the bottom, creating a cubby space for toys and treats.

The next time you find yourself loathing your tiny apartment… rethink your space before you and your pet give up on it. With a little creativity and a whole lot of love, you can craft some of the most stylish spaces around from mundane, ordinary things for a place that is home sweet home to both of you.