Tips for Improving Kitty Behavior

By:- Everyday PETS
November 21, 2020
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Today we will talk about cat how to make them healthy and happy. The domestication of cats is like the positive benefits for feeling health over all, such as lowered incidence of  infectious disease and traumatic lone. However with their cush in their lifestyle cats are encountering new problem such as; obesity,as well as arrange of behavior disorders like urinating outside the litterbox and scratching the furniture.

The fact is many indoor cats are simply bored, they’re not decent ancestor where active outdoor hunters were  hunting and feasting all day long on small animals and bugs.

For the most part mother and cat needs to walk on over the food bowl which is usually  over filled,maybe a nice snap afterwards unfortunately decrease mental and physical stimulation proves stress for the cat and can lead the unwanted behavior however it’s surprisingly easy to enrich your cat’s life with the use of simple tricks.

Well feathered fishing pools and laser pointers are great options in playing with your cats you can also make your own D.I.Y food from recycle materials you have around the house ; A clean water bottle with a few holes cut in it a pot pine is a great toy, just pop-in  some cat treats and some feeble and replace the lean, a reusable plastic container can also use as the same trick you can also add some cat toy up to level of difficulty by making the hole smaller,scratching is a normal behavior that is very pleasing for your cat.

Many scratching post employs sizzle rope or you can just set up some card boards by lightly feline spray available to your pet’s office to know exactly where to scratch.

One complaint often hear from pets parent is that their cat fails to use the litter box, this could be due to medical problems,have your cat check up by veterinarian. Cats can also avoid their litter box for behavioral reason such as stress, the location, having to share with other cats, these are few reasons why cat will refuse the box.

A recent study published within the past year show that the cat prefer a box larger than the standard sizes to provide a larger litter area, use a rectangular storage box, long and low to enter and exit easily for the cat, standard recommendation 1 box for each cat and 1 box for extra.

If your cat is continually using a box other than her box to do her business then simply deny access to that area. Hopefully this tips can help your kitty have more enjoyable indoor experience.