Top Pet Costumes You Can Make Yourself

By:- Everyday PETS
October 1, 2020
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While it may be a couple of months off, there is no bad time to consider pet costumes for Halloween, of course, what fun is just buying one?

Here are some ideas for you to make the top pet costume for your four-legged friends.

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The mummy: Possibly one of the easiest ones to pull off. According to Pet MDthere are two ways to go about this costume. True to form, this costume can be pulled off with an Ace bandage or cotton gauze. Wrapping whatever material you go with around the torso, legs, and part of their head. They recommend leaving the face and rear area uncovered. If wrapping up your pup is not something you want to do, you can also go with a small white jacket with gauze placed horizontally across the garment.


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The spooky ghost: This entry might be the easiest to pull off. For the ghost, you will need a white bed sheet, black markers, a sewing kit and some elastic. With the marker, note where the holes for eyes, ears and the snout to poke out the base of the neck to place the elastic. You will want to make sure that the sheet hangs above your pet’s feet so they don’t trip. Pet MD also recommends that you make sure your dog or cat is comfortable with this kind of costume.


Underdog: For the aspiring super pups out there, there is nothing wrong with an Underdog costume. For this one, you will need a small red shirt, some pink and blue felt to make up the iconic “U” and the cape.

A chef even Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t be mad at: With a combination of white tissue paper and cardstock, a cotton fabric square, some elastic your cat or dog can become a premier chef. More detailed instructions are available at, but the light weight of the materials will allow your pet to look sharp while being comfortable during your Halloween festivities.


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Flower: With this entry, you will find a fun costume that can attach to your pet’s harness. You will need foam sheets of multiple colors, some glue via a low-temperature hot glue gun, a foam sphere, spray and double-sided adhesive, craft paints and glitter to suit your creative spark. has step-by-step directions for this costume project.

With these and more you can share the Halloween fun with your pet.

What costume are you eyeing to make for your beloved pet? Let me know in the comments section!