What to Do If Your Dog Is Pregnant

By:- Everyday PETS
August 14, 2021
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The patter of little feet…all 6 sets of them. Yes, you’re about to welcome a litter of puppies, and it’s hard to believe.

Just yesterday your furry little girl was a puppy, and now she’s a mom! But sometimes the enthusiasm you feel is damped by the uncertainty surrounding the birthing process.

Don’t worry, because at Everyday Pets, we understand you’re not a vet! You’re an everyday person with an everyday pet, and that’s all it takes to learn the basics of whelping a new litter of pups.

Here are some ways you can ease your anxious jitters and prepare to welcome those puppies into the world with a calm and happy demeanor.

(Because these tips aren’t exhaustive, we’d encourage you to contact your local veterinarian to fully prepare!)

Determine if your dog is pregnant.

Save yourself some butterflies and make that appointment with your vet. There’s no need to prepare for puppies that…aren’t.

According to the Academy of Veterinary Imaging, your vet can use ultrasonography to determine if your dog is pregnant after a month of gestation. Even if you’re still unsure, you need to put the issue to rest so you can start making preparations.

Determine your dog’s approximate due date.

It can be hard to determine when your dog is due to deliver her puppies because there are a number of factors at play. However, the rule of thumb is that your dog’s gestation can fall between 58-72 days.

Though pinpointing the actual day can be pretty unpredictable, at least you will have a good idea of when to be on the lookout for puppies.

Prepare a birthing place.

As the day draws closer, you’ll need to take some steps to prepare a place for your dog to give birth. And if you check the Merck Vet Manual, you’ll find that familiarity is key for your doggie’s comfort.

This means you want to get your dog accustomed to a birthing place long before she begins to whelp. Begin to prepare the designated area for the birthing day—line it with towels, put that gate around it. The point is that there are no surprises for your dog when she goes into labor.

Get some supplies.

While we know your furry friend will be a capable mother, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to lend her a helping hand. While most supplies are pretty common sense (like towels), there are some you may not think about.

For instance the American Kennel Club recommends you prepare to cut (if needed), tie, and sanitize your puppies’ umbilical cords by having these supplies on hand: 

  • Unwaxed dental floss
  • Scissors
  • Iodine     

Watch for signs that delivery is near.

Puppy Love

Usually, a dog will experience a drop in rectal temperature before she gives birth. Be checking your dog for dilation and any discharge.

You may also want to sleep near your dog as the due date draws closer. This will help you hear any changes in her behavior indicating that she has gone into labor.

While the days ahead may seem a little scary, just remember that others have gone before you. The key is preparation, and that’s what Everyday Pets is here to help you do.

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